Water Treatment

BSG’s experience in Water Treatment is extensive. Our aim is to provide the optimised solution with the most appropriate process available.

Those processes have included providing the full Design and Build package for slow sand and rapid gravity filtration, ozonation, orthophosphate dosing, OSEC, pH correction, GAC, sedimentation and ultraviolet. Whether refurbishment or additional treatment performance has always been key.​

Ballydougan to Newry Phase 2B

Value: £6m

​This scheme involved the civil and M&E upgrade of Carnbane WPS to a 30Ml/d WPS supplying through Camlough and Newry West Trunk Main which was 4km of 500mm and 400mm diameter. At Camlough WTWs a new inlet connection to CWB and new chlorination/ control equipment was installed. An extension to Crieve Trunk Main – 3km of 400mm diameter linked to the replacement Crieve SR – A new 4.5Ml reinforced concrete reservoir with associated pipework, chlorination and control building

Castor Bay WTW

Value: £1.6m

The third scheme BSG completed at Castor Bay was the introduction of ozonation to the process to improve the overall performance of the existing Slow Sand and Rapid Gravity filters. A model was developed for the pumping station to ensure mixing was optimised with costings for the mixing tank specifically designed to ensure the designed life-span was guaranteed. The connections of the new system to the existing was programmed and sequenced to ensure that there was no impact on the quality or delivery of water to the network

Dunore Point WTW

Value: £10.6m

The Dunore Scheme, delivered through 2 phases, was the extension of the existing Water Treatment Works. Extensive bulk excavation of volume 100,000m3, over 8000m3 of structural concrete and 18,000m2 formwork completed as part of the works. The works including the construction of Slow Sand Filters, Rapid Gravity Filters, Pumping Stations and over 2 km of site pipe work. Ten new and eighteen refurbished Slow Sand Filters helped increase output from 138 million litres to 160 million litres per day.

Sample Tap replacement scheme

Value: £1.3m

The scheme involves the replacement of all regulatory sample taps at service reservoirs under NIW management. The final count of kiosks replaced was 294. There were three different types of kiosk developed by BSG to deliver the scheme for the client – standard Kiosk for installation within the boundary of an existing site. A high security kiosk where installations took place on public lands and a solar panel driven peristaltic pump kiosk where hydraulic assistance was required to deliver a flow. BSG surveys determined the potential gravitational flow available and each kiosk type delivered depending on findings. The ability to survey followed by off site design and manufacture off site reduce the need for multiple site visits and reduced the manhours on site.