Chlorine Dosing Upgrade Scheme

Value: £1.35m  

This scheme included upgrades to the existing chlorination equipment on 17 sites spread across all NIW divisions. The existing installations dosed on the outlet of the reservoir, therefore allowed no control of the residual. BSG have now changed the location of the dosing to the inlet at each site to provide better control over the inlet and outlet residual. 

Derg WtW

Value: £637k

New DAF and RGF clean water processing cells were installed. This included all mechanical, electrical, and computer related equipment. This increased the output of the water treatment works by 20%. The equipment included; actuated valves, piping, pumps, piping, baffles, nozzles, filters, and various instrumentation. It was also required to change the codes on the master program that controls the site. The new purification system allows a back-up to the existing system to give the works better reliability.

Devenagh Burn WwPS

Value: £1.34m

New pumping station with underground storage capability was designed and installed next to the old station. After completion of new pumping station, the old one was demolished without any interruption to pumping. New pumping station is state of the art with remote access through telemetry and plc controls to make sure flow are maintained in all circumstances. Project included all aspects of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Most of the electrical and mechanical equipment was installed underground to provide an efficient system with little visual impact on the rural park area it is situated at.

Dundrum WwTW MBR Upgrade

Value: £2.6m

The existing Dundrum WwTW was previously unable to treat FFT (11l/sec) over the course of a day due to a lack of capability with the existing MBR Units. This in turns leads to premature filling of the storm tank and unnecessary spills. NIEA had issued an enforcement notice on the works therefore the primary driver for the scheme was to ensure the plant can treat the new FFT of 15.5 l/sec by replacing the MBRs with new back washable membranes with a higher membrane packing density and are much more efficient than the existing membrane modules in all respects.

North Coast WwTW

Value: £2.33m

This project involved the replacement of all key process equipment with modern computer-controlled equipment. It was a major investment in this treatment works to prepare it for the future. The immediate results were less breakdowns, better reliability, lower energy costs, and less call outs. Also, because of the new equipment, the sewage waste generated by the site has an increased solids contents of 25% which reduces water content. Since this waste is incinerated there are reduced fuel costs to burn.