Water Networks

BSG have completed the Design & Construction and Build only of numerous Clean Water Networks including gravity and rising mains.

We have also carried out a large number of minor works, improvements to existing pump stations and Reservoirs. We have also completed Mechanical and electrical works on these schemes.

Reservoir Refurbishment

Value: £6m

A Five year framework circa £1.2M per annum – 2012 – 2017, the Reservoir Refurbishment Framework was set-up to ensure Northern Ireland Water are supplying quality water to all its customers across Northern Ireland. This contract is delivered under NEC Option B, Priced Contract with Bill of Quantities. The works involve the washing down and preparation of the existing surfacing and the application of DWI approved waterproof coatings, the installation of new stainless steel access ladders and handrails, and the installation of new baffle curtains.

River Bann Pumping Station

Value: £1.6m

The scheme involved a 6 m deep reinforced concrete sub-structure and required a substantial cofferdam and bracing which needed to be removed in sections and work proceeded. The steel framed superstructure ( 350m2 ) was constructed over the substructure and required significant scaffolding. The scheme also included twin 600mm DI intake pipes and 1.5km of 600mm transfer main along public roads to Balinrees WTW which included the installation of aqua-gas double air valves, scour valves and meters along the route with the associated chambers

Castorbay to Dungannon STM

Value: £20.3m

New trunk main from Ballydougan SR to Moy WPS in parallel with the existing trunk main to deliver 30MI/d to Moy WPS, 800mm Dl connection at Ballydougan SR to facilitate future Newry Trunk Main,Cross connections between the existing Ballydougan SR to Moy Trunk Main and the proposed trunk main at Kilmore and at the inlet to Moy WPS, New WPS at Moy capable of delivering 16MI/d to Mullaghanagh SR and 14MI/d to Carland SR, New trunk main from Moy WPS to Carland SR,New 6.4MI Service Reservoir and chlorination process at Carland, New 7.2MI/d WPS within the new Carland SR site, New trunk main from Carland SR to supply Altmore CWT and Cabragh SR, Recommission existing 300mm Dl twin mains, All Telemetry, metering and flow control for the proposed system.