Trenchless Installation

BSG have completed numerous trenchless installations using various Trenchless techniques including, TBM Tunnelling, Open Face tunnelling, Pipe Jacking, Directional drilling and Guided Auger boring.

Work has included crossing Rivers, canals, Railways and Motorways. BSG have built up extensive expertise in Trenchless Installation and have also experience in trenchless repairs.​

Clandeboye PS

Value: £1.1m (whole scheme)

This element of work related to the design and installation a 50m long, 1200mm diameter 8m deep, micro-tunnel completed in greywacke rock within 3m of a church building in Bangor. The pipeline was installed to transfer gravity flows from the Clandeboye Road area of Bangor to the new Clandeboye PS located within the grounds of Clandeboye Primary School. The work was completed with minimal disturbance to the church users or the primary school.

Montgomery Road

Value: £1.37m

This element of work related to a 181m long, 1500mm diameter microtunnell completed in glacial till and greywacke rock. The work was completed within 2m of buildings and beside a small river. The tunnel crossed the Montgomery Road, through the garden of a residential care home, through an industrial estate and discharging at a new manhole constructed in the live industrial estate. The work was carried out with minimal disturbance to public or occupiers of the care home and industrial estate and disruption to traffic at the industrial Estate was kept to a minimum.

Crew Rd

Value: £0.1m

This scheme involved the construction of approx. 40m of 1.2m diameter storm culvert. The trenchless element was constructed by jacking reinforced concrete jacking pipes (RCJP), under the road, thereby avoiding the need to dig through the existing road. There were various engineering technologies used in this project including but not limited to laser guides, jacking ram and spoil trollies. To shorten the length of pipe jacking required from 40m to 30m, temporary piles were driven into the road embankment and a face excavated. Prior to diverting the watercourse, 2 new headwalls were installed at either end of the newly constructed pipe.