Flood Alleviation

BSG have a wealth of experience in Flood Alleviation and Protection projects, having completed in excess of 40 schemes.

While the projects range in complexity, it is BSG’s expertise which allows quality completion on time and within budget.  BSG boast a wide range of in house piling plant for many applications

Beragh FAS

Value: £1.5m

This Rivers Agency scheme, delivered through NEC Option C involved the construction of approx. 940m of flood defence, which included the placement of sheet pile spine wall complimented with insitu reinforced concrete flood wall, earth embankment and capping beam. Over 300m of back drainage was installed with non-return discharge to the Cloghfin River via precast headwalls. Features of the scheme included the flood gate provision, textured concrete wall finish and the significant reinstatements of over 20 riparian land owners.

Coca Cola FAS

Value: £0.58m

The works were flood mitigation measures comprising of the following elements:
Alterations to an existing culvert headwall
Creation of earth bunds (including the installation of gabions)
Alteration of site levels to create a flood relief channel (including creation of a new ‘culvert’)
Alterations to Steam pipework supports.
The existing works is fully operational, and will remain so. Contractors and operatives shall take cognizance of the hazards of working on an operational works such as the likelihood that plant may start up unexpectedly, open tanks, other Client contractors etc.

Newry FAS

Value: £2.2m

This Rivers Agency scheme involved the construction of approx. 530m of reinforced concrete floodwall and provision of 1200mm diameter concrete combined sewer pipes on the base of the new wall. The work required temporary cofferdam construction to cope with tidal river flow, ground conditions, working room restrictions and protection of existing services. Environmental improvements work included stone cladding to the new concrete retaining wall, provision of footpath and cycle track, and landscaping to the remaining area.