Shaft Construction

BSG have completed the Design &  Construction and Build only of numerous concrete storage tank shafts.

These have been constructed using various different methods. These have included, Cassion shafts jacked down, Cassion shaft by undermining, cast in situ jacked down, and using Cassion piles. We have constructed shafts of various sizes and depths and in various locations from treatment plants to town centres.​

Masserene PS

Value: £1.4m

This project involved the construction of a new 14m diameter by 10m Waste Water Pumping Station within the confines of the car park at Antrim Forum and within 10m of the adjacent Sixmilewater River. The segmental shaft was constructed using the underpinning technique allowing the work to be completed within a very restricted site footprint with minimal impact on the surrounding area. A composite precast and in-situ roof slab was designed and installed to minimise overall duration on site.


Value: £2.2m

At Castlepark a new large combined storage Tank/pumping station was built
to retain flows within the system during storm events before pumping on to the downstream sewer network.
The new storage tank is 25m diameter and 14m deep. The work was completed using top down construction method. Due to ground conditions the tank was constructed in cast in-situ sections up to 3.0m high , these sections were then jacked down into the ground. This process was then repeated until we reached the required depth. Over 2,500m3 of concrete was used in the construction of this tank including a single pour of over 1200m3


Value: £2m

Annagher WWPS was an approximately £2m. The project comprises of the construction of a proposed sewage pumping station (Annagher PS) and associated pipelines in Coalisland, to improve the sewerage infrastructure and reduce the risk of flooding in the area. Features of particular interest include – Sinking 15m diameter segmental caisson shaft 9m deep. To allow this work to take place the large quantities of ground water had to be controlled. 6nr bore wells 10m deep, located around the PS, and were installed with submersible pumps in each one