Sheet Piling

BSG have completed over 1000 sheet piling contracts.

These range from large scale permanent installation flood alleviation and marine works to relatively small scale cofferdams and retaining walls required as temporary works to facilitate some element of construction within smaller schemes. We have access to a vast array of piling equipment, materials and in house designers to ensure delivery of all schemes in often challenging and varying ground conditions.

Ballygawley FAS

Value: £1.3m

This project involved the construction of a new flood wall at 3 different sites around the village of Ballygawley. Various forms of flood wall were constructed with the single biggest element being a composite sheet piled and reinforced concrete floodwall in excess of 700m length around St Ciaran’s school. Numerous test drives were completed in advance of the construction work in order to optimise the sheet pile design and provide the most economical solution for the client. Work was programmed to avoid key exam periods and to make maximum use of the school holiday period to minimise the impact on the school community and other land users.

Portrush East Strand Remedial Works to Access Steps

Value: £0.5m

The works involve the removal, temporary storage, and re-installation of the existing pre-cast wall and step units and the installation of 7m piles to support the pre-cast units. Part of the scope is also to install a concrete capping beam to the top of the piles and this beam is doweled into the existing foundation to provide added support. The works were programmed for these months to try and complete the works while causing minimal disruption to the beach users.

Temporary Works

Value: £ Various

BSG have a wealth of experience having completed in excess of 400 sheet piling schemes, many of which are temporary works. We boast multiple items of plant available for sheet piling and construction applications. The flexibility within construction techniques allow improved programme performance. Through value engineering BSG will endeavour to provide cost savings, actively engaging in design development and risk management. Temporary works designs are completed with consideration to our in house array of piles, bracing and support structures.