Strabane WwTW SWELL Project Handover


The Shared Waters Enhancement & Loughs Legacy (SWELL) Project funded by the EU INTERREG VA Programme considered areas with the greatest potential to improve water quality within the Carlingford Lough and Lough Foyle drainage catchments and this included for an major upgrade to the inlet works at Strabane WwTW. Excessive flows arriving at Strabane WwTW caused regular flooding and the loss of untreated sewage load at Strabane WwTW is a significant potential source of wastewater pollution to the Foyle Estuary, contributing towards the failure to meet WFD ‘Good’ status.

Construction of this new inlet works at Strabane WwTW to improve flow management and cater for peak flows alleviates the pollution issues and provide environmental protection for the Foyle Estuary. It is calculated that this inlet works capital upgrade at Strabane WwTW will provide additional wastewater treatment for an ADI population equivalent of approximately 1,530.

Works included demolition of the existing 6mm inlet works whilst using some of the existing structure to complete a new purpose built reinforced concrete Structure to hold 3 No 250 l/sec rated Screw Pumps working in Duty/Assist/Standby arrangement. With new flow balancing and control functions the downstream processes are better equipped to process the receiving flows and loads. New MCC & SCADA controls allows for full automatic operation and monitoring.

On 27th April 2020 and at the height of the current pandemic situation BSG working in conjunction with Project Consultants McAdam Design and NI Water Project Team where in a position to complete handover over the contracted works ahead of schedule and on budget to NI Water Ops Team. This was achieved by working in collaboration remotely during this period to complete and review handover documentation and via a BSG produced on-line training module which allowed for operators of all disciplines to be trained without the actual need to attend site. Prior to this a successful commissioning and 28 day performance trial period was completed with excellent results achieved.